Watch: Deconstructing Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams"


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Whenever I go to the local punk rock flea market I’m amazed at how kids today still want Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours”-- someone always asks for it.

The thing is, I don’t hate the album, I admit it’s well-made and I enjoy it when someone plays it, but 1.) I have a grudge against all non-Peter Green versions of the band (the most authentic sounding British blues guitarist), 2.) this was the kind of album we rebelled against as young punks (cue jokes about Stevie Nicks preferred orifice for doing cocaine), and now young punks are asking for it “hey dude, you have any Sun Ra? No? What about Fleetwood Mac?” (wtf?), and 3.) I kinda like the demo version of “Dreams” better, but maybe because I’d never heard it before.


I love Fleetwood Mac and this album. An interesting and careful analysis.


My 2018 resolution — listen to more Fleetwood Mac!


ETA: Or if you care for something more degenerate:


still waiting for a blu ray concert edition of something long time coming


If I recollect, the drug scene, so to speak, was as bad during the making of Tango in the Night. Maybe worse, since it was done far from home. The experience gave Lindsay Buckingham a serious case of burn out.


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