Spooky Hungarian tram-terminus




I don’t know about that picture, but I found the place on Google Street view: https://goo.gl/maps/60pkR

Hungary is a really beautiful place.


That is a really neat-looking building. It would make a great restaurant / gift shoppe type of place.


More info and photographs here…


This tramline (58) no longer exists.


From this angle, it seems that knappa’s link is the correct one! :slight_smile: I can’t see the tracks though. Maybe long gone?


It’s only spooky because it is a foggy monochrome photo. Try this:

Decrepit, but not spooky.


Oops, thanks!


Agreed. Lack of foliage adds too the spookiness in the monochrome spectrum. Color and vegetation does lessen the effect.


Turn it into a sh-sh-SHOPPING mall?! Now THAT’S scary!


In color not so spooky.


That’s precisely why I hope “renovate” really means “restore and preserve”. In fact leaving the outside architecture as it is might draw even more people to the planned shopping mall.

I know I’d want to go there just to see that building.


charming little place. I wonder how someone can be spooked by it.


…Looks like the Addams Family’s summer home.


As someone who has emigrated to Hungary and lives in Budapest — I will say it is an awesomely beautiful city and so much to explore as a resident and as a photographer. This photo is just one little nook that few tourists ever see.

Apologies for the self-promo here, but I think BBers will enjoy my photo blog which has about 95% Budapest photos: http://redjade.tumblr.com/

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