Spurious correlations: an engine for head-scratching coincidences


Obviously margarine consumption leads directly to divorce in Maine :wink: Divorce rate in Maine correlates with Per capita consumption of margarine (US)


Love it! Marriage rate in Colorado correlates with Domestically produced passenger cars sold (US). Save marriage, buy American. Everyone who drives a foreign car is responsible for ending a marriage in Colorado.

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‘Per capita consumption of cheese’ ~ Death by ‘tangled in their bedsheets’
Death by ‘tangled in their bedsheets’ ~ ‘Total revenue generated by skiing facilities’

Save the Slopes. Eat more Cheese!


I’m not convinced that all of these are spurious:

Number of people who died by becoming tangled in their bedsheets
correlates with
People who died by falling out of their bed


Total revenue generated by arcades (US)
correlates with
Computer science doctorates awarded (US)


Number people who drowned by falling into a swimming-pool
correlates with
Number of films Nicolas Cage appeared in


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Glitches in the matrix…


Man, you read my mind [takes hit]… Dude, do you ever wonder… suppose this whole universe was just some kind of… giant computer simulation… how would we ever know?.. Hey, this is good shit, man…

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Conclusive PROOF in the copyright wars: http://www.tylervigen.com/view_correlation.php?id=978

I was going to add a correlation between uranium production and the number of lawyers, but the site’s down at the moment. Coincidence? Hey, I’m just presenting the evidence here. You decide.

(What, you need even more PROOF? Just wait till the site’s back up.)

[takes hit]… Dude, do you ever wonder… suppose this whole universe was just some kind of… giant computer simulation…

(takes hit) You meant multiverse, right?

That picture suggests you got the baggie with the weed mixed up with the one with the DMT…

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Anything’s possible.

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Ok, the last one was a joke, but surely the fact that “Precipitation in California inversely correlates with Sunlight in California” can’t be regarded as spurious.


Quite simply, I’m amazed that the “Number of people who died by becoming tangled in their bedsheets” exceeds, exponentially, the “Number of people who drowned after falling out of a fishing boat”. People really die by getting wrapped up in bed? Maybe certain parts of Boston, NYC, and Philly are to blame for this trend.

I would assume that this is mostly infants.

Yeah, that occurred to me–that’s a sad statistic, some 300+ kids (or people not paying the vig) throttling themselves in bed. I think I thought a little too much about the stats on that site to make it enjoyable.

Not perfect (Correlation: 0.958), but just look at this correlation – just look at it:

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