SQL Murder Mystery: teaching SQL concepts with a mystery game

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Sounds like a great idea, but why didn’t they go with the obvious and call it “Murder Mystery: The SQL”?


Let me guess, it was Little Bobby Tables?


I once encountered a stored procedure containing an IF statement that spanned two thousand lines. The mystery was how that didn’t result in murder.


He was just trying to break his sister out of a driver’s license factory.


SELECT * FROM Suspects WHERE IsMurderer = TRUE

Mystery solved? :wink:


Yeah, came here to say this, I’ve almost murdered people over their SQL.

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It seems like the killer was Jeremy Bowers of 530 Washington Place Apt. 3A, hired by Miranda Priestly of 1883 Golden Ave, but I’m not sure how you’re supposed to know if you got it right, or if there is meant to be more corroborating info in there somewhere. Because as far as I can tell this whole thing is an exercise in using bulk data collection by private companies to unrigorously accuse someone of murder.

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There is a section called “Checking the Solution” towards the bottom of the page:

Write the following queries in your SQL environment to check whether you’ve found the right murderer:
INSERT INTO solution VALUES (1, “Insert the name of the person you found here”);
SELECT value FROM solution;

Except that Suspects is a View defined as a union across several tables and a table valued scalar function populated by a stored proc which invokes a REST API which pulls from a redis cache populated by an AD DC which is synced across several disparate global LDAP servers which are populated by still more disparate HR systems…

I saw that table, but since it’s just an offline SQLite file, writing to it doesn’t actually do anything apart from record what you think the solution is

I’m looking at the command line version now. Don’t have much need for SQL skills at the moment but I may give that a go after :slight_smile:

Anybody want to recommend any other similar games?

Thats the name of the followup, obviously. There needs to be a first one before there can be a SQL.

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