Squids used to have shells. Here's how they lost them.


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The Eons YouTube series is one of my favorites for short but informative bits like these


My daughter pointed out from one of those science posters, the ordovician, devonian etc periods.

Look daddy! there’s an octopus with a party hat.

(We were staying at Fiddle Festival where there was an annual hat day party. So we already had the idea for her hat.)


Clearly this proves the notion of ancient intelligent civilizations. We always think dinosaurs, but it has to have been a society of ocean going wizards centered around long lost magical technology.

And don’t get me started how this fits into the whole Cthulhu mythos.


Problem solved…



Also Vampyroteuthis infernalis



Dawww, Vampyroteuthis.

Humboldts are big enough (and mean enough) to go after divers. If you haven’t seen it, the scene in Blue Planet (the first) is terrifying. That GIF doesn’t do justice to their speed or agility.




I’ve watched that same scene dozens of times. It’s incredible, and so intimidating all at once.


Don’t kid yourself, squids and octopi are just marking time until we do ourselves in so they can take their rightful place at the top of the evolutionary tower. I think they already have it all figured out.


Eh, I posted this in a comment, nine days ago. :wink:


We biologists will be the key to their uprising.


You know, I totally thought it was because they played too much poker and lost the house.



Unless the CS students finish the robot revolution before you finish the cephalopod one. :wink:


Thank god for Twitter’s Bored Elon Musk then


Squids used to have shells

This is often the case with molluscs.


How cute that picture. He looks like he has his ‘nighty-night’ cap on.


Yeah, we all know how Planet of the apes turned out.


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