Stackable desktop microterrariums

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Remember that green Jello I found last fall? I think it’s cyanobacteria/blue-green algae/nostoc. Well it has been growing in a plastic tub for awhile and I am ready to cut it up and put it into some petri dishes with googly eyes. I call them Blobbies - The friend who grows on you.

If anyone wants one, PM me. I should have 3 or 5 when done.



If anyone wants one

ehhmmm…no thanks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  1. If it’s sealed, how do I get the water in?
  2. The Royal Society for Putting Things On Top Of Other Things maintains that there are far more things that are “stackable”, to put it in layman’s terms, than there are things that are not stackable.

Oh did I mention, if you put the eyes on the side, Blobbies are stackable…

They’ll look cute for a couple of weeks before the inevitable die-off begins and the photosynthetic microbes take over.

desktop microterrariums are matchbox-sized, stackable sealed boxes with miniature ferns and mosses

Perfect for your cubicle!

I wonder how customs reacts when you send this abroad.

Same for the thing Cory posted.

Also: sealed? Only water and sunshine? Erm, if I remember correctly about the metabolism of plants, including Bryophytes and Pteridophytes, they do need some things else. :wink:

BTW: think big. Go aquaponic. There’s plenty of research still to be done. Go for it.

You wanna test it? I mean, you’re probably already on a list…

Nah, not in the US, methinks.

Here, sure. Someone stole my passport once, in West Africa. Got it back from a friend of a friend at the federal police, forgot to inform the embassy and was embarrassed at the EU border control when police took me aside and told me I really should have, since the passport was flagged up in their system…

And I was really glad they didn’t check my luggage, then. That would have made things for me a bit complicated, since I maybe should have declared my scientific equipment. Which I never will do again, since if you do customs in some countries take an interest and ruin your stuff despite the permits.

I vaguely remember writing on BB BBS about someone who was told to open sealed GC/MS caps - which contained air samples for analysis.
I once had to explain to a customs official in Mauritius what a refractometer is, how it works and that you can’t attach it to any projectile weapon.

Ah ha - “air samples for analysis”. Brilliant. I was wondering how I could mail those farts in a jar…

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