Stage adaptation of Tim Powers' Anubis Gates at this summer's Worldcon


Well I’ll be pickled!

I just finished ‘Declare,’ searching among what I haven’t read of his for another Dinner at Deviant’s Palace or Anubis Gates… (Declare was quite good if a tad too long; it makes a very interesting counterweight to Alif the Unseen… not to mention Sweet Tooth… both of which my book group happen to read as brackets around it on my book shelf…). And Iappreciated much in ‘Hide me among the graves’ – not least for their similarity to TAG.

But neither was fully up to that standard, for my tastes. TAG remains tied with DaDP for most most fave. (I’m a fan of latter-day Blaylock as well, but though I enjoy the St Ives thrillers, likewise nothing quites hit it for me like the old skool Digging Leviathan or ‘Balumnia’ books…)

I can’t imagine how they’d stage this… but by god if they do a good job, I’ll bring the girls to London to see it!

Pls keep us posted BB.


I must see this. But I have no money to even get a day membership to the con at the moment. Maybe I can sell some non-vital organs…

I love Tim Powers’ work…not sure how I’d react to it on stage though. Could be fun!

If DaDP and AG are your touchstones, I recommend On Stranger Tides, The Stress of Her Regard, then Drawing of the Dark. TSoHR is almost a slog in places, but closest in flavor to AG. DotD is short and sweet. OST is tops.

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