Stan Lee on superhero science


I think this could be alternately titled “STAN LEE AND THE ART OF BS”

In the first half of this clip, Lee arduously explains that Marvel was not scientific. In the last half he explains that Marvel tried to be “very accurate scientifically” - this is further proof that artists shouldn’t attempt to talk about or explain their work - though, of course it’s a pleasure to hear Lee talk about anything. He does know how to talk the talk. Though whether he makes any sense is another matter. Long live the Hulk!

I think it´s pretty obvious when he´s talking about their “scientific accuracy”, he means it in a self-ironic way.

Sorry, I don’t get any “self-irony” (or any other type of irony at all) regarding Lee’s comments about scientific accuracy.

Considering it’s such a major topic (scientific accuracy) in the comics world, Lee pretty much drops the ball and says nothing coherent about his or Marvel’s true stance regarding the scientific basis for their characters. Maybe the PBS special will illuminate us more on this topic. At least we know THOR has a bit of logic behind his flying. But then again, Stan Lee simply talking is worth the price of admission.

Can someone please explain how Iron Man’s suit deals with the absurdly high g-forces?

Well subsequent writers (Mark Gruenwald at their fore) did attempt, retroactively to come up with more rational explanations for how the powers did what they did. This lead to extrapolations on what other abilities a character might have based on the main power (Banshee having notably good hearing because the other option is being deaf).

But yeah Stan Lee has made a lot of money at flinging BS fast enough that you’re too busy listening to the new batch to work out why the last one was BS

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