Comics legend Stan Lee dead at 95


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Today, the world is a little less Amazing.


Not unexpected but I still have a sad.



Rest in peace, Stan.

At work, we listen to an artist’s music when we hear of their passing away.
What should we listen to to pay respect to Stan Lee?


Stan Lee may have had more lasting effect on the world than if superheros were real.


“But the Four will always be Fantastic.
The Hulk will always be Incredible.
The words you wove within the hearts of heroes are indelible.”


All the more reason we need to defeat Thanos and undo “the snap”.



To Infinity and Beyond. Good bye Stan Lee. :cry:


“Captain America calling…”


The Hesiod of our age was never going to be great, but he was a damned sight better than any reasonable person would have expected.

I hope all the nonsense going on lately with his estate was cleared up.


Stan Lee did NOT die. He merely relocated to Valhalla.


I just hope Disney did some 3D scans of the dude, so he can appear in every future Marvel movie as well. That would be a hell of a memorial.



I love how he made a cameo (well, voiced his animated version) in DC’s Teen Titans Go to the Movies, mocking his Marvel cameos. It takes a sense of humor to not only take a role mocking oneself but do it for a competitor’s movie.


Very sad. I believe that he’s one of the last if not THE last of the original creators of the comic book industry. Growing up I. The early 70’s this was the Stan Lee I remember:


If you can get through the quality of the old recording of Stan in 1966 at a convention it’s worth a listen right as He and Kirby are hitting their peak and Ditko just leaving Marvel.





Somehow I don’t think this will stop him appearing in cameos. He didn’t let his age stop him, so why let his death do so.