Kevin Smith offers ailing Stan Lee to move in with him


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There already countless predators looking to take advantage of the elderly, so it’s especially enraging when greedy family members and their confederates (usually including at least one attorney) get in on this scumbag game.


These situations can be so f’d up as to beggar belief.


It’s very kind of Smith to offer.

His (Lee’s) daughter should be told to go get a job.


Apparently, she can cry on cue. Maybe a job doing voice-overs?


Tons of money and families don’t always mix well. I wonder if that’s part of the reason why that one powerball winner ($560M) chose to remain anonymous.


Unfortunately, it’s almost always the family. My mother has worked in Elder abuse & neglect her entire career. It is so much more widespread than you can imagine.


IANAL, but one would think that measures limiting amendments to a conservatorship by the conservator themselves could be drafted into the paper.


Stan Lee and Kevin Smith are The New Odd Couple™!

I would watch the Hell outta that show.



Woe be unto his opportunistic family if it’s true; Stan Lee has a serious fandom.


I was a vendor at Silicon Valley Comic Con this past weekend, where my niece was one of the celebrity handlers. She told horror stories about how Stan was “handled” by his own people during the event. SVCC had capped autographs and photo ops for Stan, scheduling them carefully, but when his entourage arrived they announced that they would NOT cap those sales and that they would allow anyone who got in line to buy an autograph, regardless of previous scheduling. As a result, people who had scheduled those opportunities stood in line for hours on the first day, only to be told that they would have to come back the next day. (And in some cases they had to come back the THIRD day.) In one case, a collector had paid $15,000 for Stan to sign 100 comic books, and it took about three hours. For some of the photo ops, Stan was wearing sunglasses, seated in a chair, because he was ASLEEP. By the end of each day, his handlers sometimes had to guide his hand in signing autographs, because he was so exhausted.

I’ve seen Stan at previous events, and I know he can be very lucid and “all there”. But this wasn’t a one-hour panel, this was a matter of working a sick old man to death, for the profit of his underlings.


@cannibalpeas and @marksgelter, this is one of those occasions where I appreciate and value your posts but I just can’t hit “like”.


proof positive how Kevin Smith is a good dude.


That is utterly horrific to hear.

Shame on the people taking advantage of him.


What the fudge!


seconded. I just am mortified, much like @Melz2


Don’t do it Stan!
That guy will turn you into a walrus!


Sure, in theory, but this is why family is often the exploiter. There is no end of people looking to fleece the elderly, its just really hard to make those kind of limitations with those you love. Senility, fear and (misplaced) trust often play a major role.


And then when he dies the relatives immediately start squabbling over the inheritance with zero regard for his legacy or continuation of the works. And thanks to copyright law they’ll still be squabbling over it 95 years after he dies.


A Spendthrift trust seems to be the way to go if you have a beneficiary whose financial judgement you question. Lock up all your assets in that, and you can even start paying out before your death if the person really needs the support. That will generally settle the matter once they have regular payment and their life stabilizes. and is not something they can easily reverse.