This white collar dot-com true crime story about Stan Lee's media company is absolutely wild

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including the centerpiece property, a saga set in cyberspace known as The 7th Portal . In it, a young video-game beta-tester encounters a computer-based gateway to another dimension, populated by champions and monsters. Soon he and his friends find themselves doing battle in the digital world, where they are granted mostly generic superpowers.

So did any trace of this survive? I hesitate to Google. Sounds mighty cringey.

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Had a conscientious friend who fell into this orbit (a tech creator) and he was not there for very long. It was not Stan Lee’s fault at all.


And there is the punchline.


It’s heart breaking to read how much Stan was exploited during the later years of his life, which has been covered on here before. Even worse to read what someone on the BBS witnessed at a Comic Con. Absolutely shameful, all of it.


I am the Private Investigator who Riesman approached to help him write the definitive book on Stan Lee and the untold story about Stan Lee Media and its successor POW Entertainment. I spent three years investigating Stan Lee Media’s collapse and creating POW Entertainment by the IP attorney and COO of Stan Lee Media. He hoodwinked Stan Lee into starting a new public company after they put SLM into Chapter 11. I was induced to help Riesman with his book that would set the record straight and clear up all of the misconceptions surrounding Peter Paul’s actions and objectives in building Stan Lee Media into a global entertainment conglomerate with the help of former President Bill Clinton. Riesman misled me into providing him with my research, which he based much of his book on, and he misrepresented Peter Paul’s history. The book is a fraud and presents an agenda designed to hide the truth about Stan Lee’s accurate contributions to shaping the current global pop culture and Peter Paul’s bona fide efforts to build SLM.



Fascinating. I’m constantly amazed by the breadth of visitors we get on here…

Since @thomdunn wrote this up for BB maybe he should update it? I just dunno, i mean i have no reason to doubt you but then i have no reason to doubt Riesman but if this was in the UK he could certainly be taken to court for libel. I noticed on his twitter feed promoting the book that Stan’s former manager is besmirching it too but then he doesn’t have the best track record.

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Hi Paul :slight_smile:

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