Stand up office, any tips?

So my new office space is much like my old one - except it’s all mine, I don’t have to share (Yes!!! Fuck, Yes!!!). I intend to make my computer workspace standup. I have to work with a large amount of documents and blueprints, often with other people - I want to bring all the desk and table surfaces up to make it easier.

I wonder if any here on BBS have tips, tricks, recommendations, lessons learned, would / wouldn’t do again etc?


Have some way to sit down to give your legs a break at some point. Not to discourage standing up, but the last time I had a job where I never sat, I would wake up in the middle of the night with horrible muscle cramps in my calves. So my suggestion is some kind of tall chair that would let you keep working on stuff, but give your leg muscles a few minutes.

I have been meaning to post, and likely will later this week, my Hamilton drafting table. I have an old government model that I got used via Craigslist for $200. It lifts and lowers with ease, allows me to stand up or sit down and adjust the angle of the desktop surface.

It came with a vimco ruler and I’ve added an Alvin magnifying lamp. It is an AWESOME workspace.

These two photos show it in ‘action’


I would get so tired when I first started using a standup desk. Now I feel great and its amazing exercise for me, as I pace all day and wander around while I work. Xeni works from my place sometimes and we compare Fitbit trackers after a day of her working from my dining room table and me at the standup desk. I walk almost 5mi a day before I leave the house.

Xeni now has an AMAZING treadmill desk that is listed in the gift guide. She tells me it is changing her life.

Oh, it’s a lot of exercise, definitely. I lost almost 1/4 of my total body mass at that job. The muscle cramps might have been to do with my body type. Even after losing that excess weight, I was still a big guy.

For me, the best answer would probably be a standing-height desk with a chair designed to suit it (barstool height but with a serious seat and back), so I could switch between the two modes at need.

Not that I’m good about using the back in my current chair.

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Question: Standard heights for sitting typing/writing surfaces are fairly well known. (The desks I work at might be a bit high for either, but so far my body has forgiven me.) What’s the best way to determine height for standing work? Kitchen counter heights? Or should I just build mockups until it works?

Right on! I’m just awfully sick of starting out sitting around a table with a couple other people, then the docs and prints come out, and all of a sudden we’ve been hunched over the table for an hour and we all have some back pain starting in.

Definitely thinking some barstools, make all working surfaces bar / counter height. What that height actually is I’m trying to figure out. I think im going to just carry a measuring tape around while I look at furniture.

I can just see myself forgetting to lock a treadmill and stepping onto it with a report in my face. Waaaaaaah thunk. Good idea, but not for me :smiley:

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