Will a $3000 motorized standing desk make you healthier?

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This calls for Betteridge’s Law of Headlines!


that gif makes it look like that guy is making sweet sweet love to his standing desk. I guess that also burns calories, and for 3 grand that desk better get you off.

Wait. Touchscreens are now a virtue, rather than a necessary evil adopted only where you don’t have room for both a decent screen and a decent input device and would rather spare your eyes than your thumbs?

Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;
mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.

(Also: this sounds an awful lot like what somebody who manufactures a desk that spies on you and phones home to the mothership would know about his customers. And this thing does connect to the network, which in most environments means at least partial internet access, using what appears to be some flavor of suitably skinned android tablet that will probably not receive the firmware love and attention that befit a $3000 computer…)

“Stir CEO JP Labrosse tells me that 95 percent of Stir desk owners change
positions every day, as opposed to the industry average of 30 percent
that move positions just once a week. Labrosse also says that owners
spend 50 percent of their time standing, and change positions on average
3.4 times per day.”


I’m still waiting for a full virtual reality / haptic feedback suit that turns database development into manual labor involving giant blocks, ropes, chains and pulleys…“CREATE TABLE Dog…” bang! bang! bzzzzzz, bang, crack! “ID for table Dog…” uuuunnnnggghh…clickclickclickclick…clink! “…foreign key DogID in TABLE dogOwner.”



$3000 is a rip-off of Monster cable proportions. $350 bucks gets you one of these ‘analog’ models:

Been using one for 2 years now and I still love it. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

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I tried looking for one of those last time you mentioned it, couldn’t see one.


I don’t have room for a desk at home anyway.

I know at work some people did convince our employer to buy one of those motorised ones that converts between sitting and standing. Eventually I’ll ask about that.

I find them kinda often. Want me to send links when I do?


If you don’t have room, and if Ninja Standing Desk ever builds more of their product, you’ll have room. (Designed and built at TechShop, for lots of extra Maker cred.)

Last time I was thinking about getting a standing desk, the obvious design was a cheap 2-rail computer rack and a couple of shelves. Also gives you somewhere to put your computers. (The alternative design, of course, is just a couple of boxes or milk crates sitting on your desk to get the parts to the right height, in case you want a $3 - $30 solution instead of a $300 or $3000 one.)

Instead of metal, glass, or (shudder) particleboard, the M1’s desktop is made of CNC-machined recycled wood

Hmm. “Recycled wood” you say? Sooo… particleboard then?

I don’t necessarily mind something being ludicrously overengineered for its purpose; every once in a while that can be enjoyable. But that Capstan table, apart from being ridiculous and decadent and dangerous and expensive, is also a fabulously well-made delicious object. A $3,000 motorised desk is just, you know, stupid.

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Especially as there’s no chance in hell I’d use the bloody thing.

Would this make my job with a Cintiq a nightmare?

I really wonder why anyone with any maker skills at all would pay $3000 for this!
I picked up a used treadmill for $100 and mounted a desk on top. It was a sink cutout from a new kitchen counter that a friend gave me. I just mounted 2 pieces of wood on the bottom that fit into the drink holders.
I don’t walk all the time, sometimes I just stand to work (Oddly, standing seems more tiring than walking sometimes.) but I usually get in an hour or two a day.

My work desk just stays at standing height, and I adjust ME when I want to sit. I have a tall architect’s chair. $130 to my door. I do have adjustable monitors for the 6 inch difference in my eyeball height between sitting and standing. My aching dogs tell me how much I stood in a day.

I went the cheap way. My job supplied me with the regular desk + return seen in the picture. Somebody hereabouts linked to the $22 Ikea hack originated by Colin Nederkoorn and refined by Benson at Imaginary Zebra, so I built a modified version of that, since I’m tall enough to need some extra altitude… plus it allows me to use 2 monitors and get all that extra screen real estate! And yeah, it cost me under $30.

Yeah, the clock runs backward. It’s a counter-clock.

$3000 for a standing desk? Pffft… mine was only $2000.

It’s a NextDesk with a bamboo top and I think it’s pretty awesome, but if I weren’t able to expense it through work, I probably wouldn’t have bought it.

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