This tripod is actually an adjustable standing desk without the space constraints

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Ay lmaooooooo


Oh, tell me more about the “health benefits” of precariously balancing my laptop on a flimsy tripod as I try not to trip over the awkwardly positioned legs…

No, no it’s not. The tripod is not specially engineered at all. The gimmick isn’t the tripod, it’s the wooden base with a 1/4 20 threaded socket allowing it to be attached to the bog standard, not specially engineered at all tripod.

You can buy the wooden base from the company separately, though they want $80 just for it alone.

It’s not a completely stupid idea. This could be useful on a photo shoot set as a way of holding up a laptop computer for tethered capture, though movie sets tend to use a C-Stand for that.

This Matthews “digital imaging tray” has a 3/8" thread (the kind that attaches to tripod legs not the top of the tripod head) and a 5/8" lighting stand adapter, so if you are trying to make your living room look like a working set, it’s the better, more expensive purchase, though you’d need a very sturdy light stand like a C-Stand or some tripod legs to go with it.


I tried a standing desk before…What I quickly discovered was that I cannot concentrate on programming while standing up.


These ads get more embarrassing by the month.


Came to say most of what you already did. Especially about the trip hazard. That looks like an expensive laptop destruction accident waiting to happen (make sure you have back-ups people!)

And who uses a laptop for any length of time without some sort of arm/wrist support? Have these people TRIED working all day on a laptop perched in mid-air with no surrounding support? (There’s a reason they are call LAPtops. When the machine is on your lap, your arms have plenty of support and somewhere to rest every now and then.)

It IS a completely stupid idea as a ‘desk’. For use as you suggest, when there will be almost no typing on the machine, maybe it has some utility, but not any form of utility that could be called a ‘desk’ by any stretch of the imagination.


There is a reason my work laptop has a dock (even at home) - it’s so I don’t have to be constrained by a laptop. Multiple monitors, full size keyboard, and a real mouse (or trackball) this has none of the benefits of a desk. My wife uses a convertible platform stand at work that allows her to have two monitors and everything else she needs. But I agree with 8-p that a standing desk really wouldn’t flow with my work style.

My brilliant and lovely partner, upon being shown this travesty, commented,

“You’d need another tripod just for your coffee.”

I’m a lucky man.


I give it all of two minutes in a house with cats.

cat computer GIF


Congratulations. You have reinvented the plane table. (Which, in addition to being a survey instrument is often used as a simple table in many field sciences)

(I should add that surveying tripods are constructed to be very stable and are usually pushed into the ground with their pointed feet for even more stability. I would not trust a top heavy photography tripod with keeping a table upright)


Yeah, you probably want the keyboard a good 8 to 12 inches below the monitor. If you try to use an external keyboard (or mouse) on this laptop, where will you mount them? Fail.

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Bought one of these last year, to use as a simple tabletop ‘standing desk’:

Sent it back same day. It was so wobbly that typing was just impossible. Sought out some sturdier alternatives, the Yoyo Desk 80 looked good, then I found that my old standby for electronics components Maplin (now resurrected as an online only store) had this:

Over £100 cheaper than the YoyoDesk, and looks like it came off the same production line - very sturdy bit of kit, recommended.

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Looks like similar in basic design and function to this one from Costco.

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Slightly different dimensions and styling but very similar - and that’s a really good deal if it’s the same mechanism!

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Ironically, they seem to be showing the standing desktop accessory on top of an adjustable standing desk - the column visible in the lower left for the main desk looks telescoping.

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Infinite adjustability!

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This way it goes to 11!


…you could put a really heavy weight from the head of the tripod…
but it still won’t not have you tripping the light fantastic as you march straight away…

…and I thought I was sceptic… well some guy I worked with made the tone

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