Star Wars: Episode VII coming December 18, 2015


Just so long as Damon Lindelhof doesn’t go anywhere near it. Star Trek 2 wasn’t quite as bad as Prometheus… not quite.


Not really excited about this at all. There’s little hope that these will actually be good. Just Disney trying to beat more money out of the dying horse they just acquired.


Sure, I suppose it’s weird that it won’t be May, but certainly better late than rushed.

My expectations are appropriately tempered. I hope it’ll be good, but that’s all the investment I’m putting into it.

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Abrams can and will do a better job than Lucas, but my new hope comes from Larry Kasdan’s involvement.


Unimaginable Star Wars Episode VII nerd rage coming December 19 2015


I would say he’ll do the opposite. JJ is a creature of the studio system. He’ll make something derivative and formulaic without a soul or staying power beyond the initial box office eye candy sales.


…and the kids will love it.

But … that cannot be allowed. There can be only one.

well said. that was my exact reaction.

@crusso i still say that’s better than Lucas. his problems didn’t show until he had politicked himself out of the studio system i.e. his dumbass crap was getting reeled in and deleted by committee. when he had the power to execute his total “vision,” we got the prequels. Kasdan was the one with the good ideas, he gave us Empire, so even if I fully expect this new joint to suck, that’s at least a positive sign.

[P.S. I just recently got hip to Harmy"s Despecialized Editions and am singing their gospel. If you want to see the real Anakin’s ghost in HD, check 'em out]


Must resist the dork side…


Normally the only time you see a sequel with a roman numeral higher than “III” in the title it’s either a slasher flick, a porno, or a movie with inferior production values to either of those things.


And now I’m trying to figure out which of those two options applies to Star Treks IV to VI…


Oh come on. The scene with Spock mind-melding with a whale while wearing a speedo was clearly tacked on for the gratuitous wank value.


Well, sometimes you get a reboot that makes things better. I thought the Batman movies got better with time and there seem to have been a lot of them at this point.

That said, I am not optimistic. Doesn’t mean I won’t be there with both of my boys, but I will go in expecting pap. If it is better, great, if not then I won’t be disappointed the way I was with the prequels (the two I watched before throwing in the towel anyway).

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Yeah, but a reboot wouldn’t have a “VII” in the title.*

*Except maybe a reboot of the Magnificent Seven set in ancient Rome.


Kasdan with Leigh Brackett gave us Empire. Kasdan without Brackett gave us ROTJ.

A possibly important distinction. Still, landing Kasdan is a huge step in the right direction.


There were three Star Wars films. Then there was a lot of jumping of sharks. As far as I’m concerned, the jumps failed and the franchise is fully digested; I really have no interest in seeing what comes out of the other end of the shark.

Call it a boycot, if you like – but unless they are reported to be truly outstanding, by people whose judgement I trust, I will be avoiding these. The owners of the franchise already have more of my money than they deserved.


Even 3 is a stretch. Never forget the Ewoks.

You’re right! There are actually five Star Wars films if you count Caravan of Courage and Battle for Endor.