Starbucks' union-busting tactics shared by others

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I post this in every similar thread, but the reason every company does this similarly is because it’s a service they hire. They don’t even bother busting unions themselves anymore, there are consultants who come in with a tried and true playbook for scaring workers out of it. All the talking points (“we’re a family!”’), the little propaganda videos they show (“Don’t you want to talk to your boss directly and not go through a rep?”), and the gaslighting (“dues are so expensive!”) all come from a small handful of companies that supply this service.

It’s disgusting.


The Pinkertons?


All’s fair in capitalistic competition, until you have to compete against labor, for labor.

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REI? Wait what?

Aren’t they a co-op?

Seriously asking.

Yeah, that’s a little surprising but this article explains the situation a bit:

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By the way…

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