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Did a pro cyclist hide a motor inside her bike?

Okay, why is it specifically ‘inadvisable’ to drive past a funeral procession in Idaho?

And WA state are a bunch of killjoys. They won’t let us do anything! (It’d be nice if they actually enforced the ones about using phones and keeping right unless passing, though).


A few years ago in my state there was a law proposed that would have made it illegal to have a porn DVD playing while driving, the justification being that if drivers passing by saw it they’d be distracted.

Hey, if they’re distracted by my porn that’s their problem! Anyway I don’t know what became of it. I tried Googling “porn DVD Tennessee” and for some reason got a lot of totally unrelated results.


Danger of being struck by stray celebratory bullets.

So far as I can tell, it’s not legal to drive while texting in AZ, it’s compulsory. Says a guy who was t-boned in an intersection by someone texting through a red light, and very nearly hit under the same circumstances on several other occasions.


Something tells me many of the “results” were “related”…


Funny how some of the stuff you hear about is all myths.
I had always been told that shoes were required by law in many places, but that in Utah it was specifically allowed to drive without them because driving while wearing ski boots was much more dangerous than driving barefoot.
I also told someone recently about drinking beer while riding to the beach in CT, and was chided about the risk to the driver for having an open container plus the passenger’s risks of being ticketed. But it is legal there.
And I had a (former) colleague make some comments about a left turn on red (2 one way streets) that she witnessed, even though it is legal in 38 states (plus 5 more where a two way onto a one way street is also permitted). *note, numbers above vary by website, but the breadth is always similar


“You have 10 seconds to read and respond to every text message you get behind the wheel. After all, you wouldn’t want to be rude.”


I always wondered about the legality of that…


I wondered about the golf cart one. I live in a suburb of Austin and lots of people drive around the neighborhood in a golf cart. Lots of times, it will just be kids in it and knowing how I was at that age, it seems like it should be illegal. The local middle school has banned them though.


An elderly woman who lived below us called the property management company to complain that the leading agents were using a golf cart to go between two properties, which meant crossing a very quiet street in Santa Ana, California. Does anyone know if golf carts are legal on roads in California, but only if it has a license plate?


Mmm if it is an apartment complex or townhouse/duplex sort of thing, technically those roads are probably owned by the property management company. Since the cart isn’t on a public road, it can drive around in that area with out legal issues. That is how my apt complex is.

So is the one street they are crossing a public road? If so it might not be legal, but crossing the street a few times a day probably won’t get them caught unless some cop wants to be a dick.


In WA if my bike isn’t tripping the sensor I get to make a left on a red arrow, provided traffic is clear anyway.


I think some of these are citing municipal ordinances instead of state laws. Texting while driving in Texas is legal, but some cities have (wisely) banned it.


So where’s “…while black”? Or is that all states?


I thought Delaware had banned driving with an open container sometime in the last decade (which is about when Texas banned it; previously you could drink beer and drive as long as you could still toss them empties into the back of your pickup truck.)


Yes. See CVC 385.5 for the regs and FFVR 34 for licensing info. More info can be found here.

A license plate is not necessarily required if you’re within a mile or so of a golf course.


Thanks to you and @Mister44. It seemed when I was a kid, using a golf cart for short distances was okay. I think the elderly lady was bored because she took care of a son with cerebral palsy and was home ALL THE TIME. I just know that the very nice leasing agents didn’t know what to make of her.


I literally was going to look up various traffic law pitfalls, and this saved me a lot of work. I’m driving from the Midwest to Florida and back this holiday and getting pulled over is not my idea of fun.


Especially if your route takes you through Cobb County!


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