State-of-the-art computer animation, early nineties edition: 'The Mind's Eye'

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Watched the hell out of that back in the day. I really wanted to get into 3D animation but didn’t really have the schooling for it in my area. IIRC lots of Amiga work on that tape.


Oh yah, all the Minds Eye series (this, Beyond, Odyseey) were in heavy rotation back on VHS in my college days. Back before Pixar released Toy Story this was the best form of CGI available and we loved it.

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They forgot Keanu Reeves with data-gloves.

so many bong-rips


twas all forseen in the 80s

I’m pretty sure my parents still have the original VHS tapes in their basement.

Full instructions for Minds Eye:

-Watch on the largest screen possible.
-Ingest a decent amount of Psilocybin mushrooms beforehand.
-Turn off the sound, and play Harry Nilsson’s album “The Point” on repeat.

I have one of these on VHS. It has the original version of the Toy Story animation with the snowman in the snow globe. In that version the difference is that the girls have ENORMOUS breasts. I’m not surprised they changed it for their shorts collection. But I think it somewhat changes the reason for the snowman’s lust to get out of his snow globe. I think that tape also has Andre and Walle B, made before they were calling themselves Pixar. In fact, I think it has a NEXT computer logo at the end.

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I worked for one the contributors, Rezn8 Productions, for 16 years until we succumbed to the recession in 2010. Great job! When I first started in 1994, we were still using Prime and SGI workstations that were in the $50-$60K price range and the software was $30K per license…yikes.

Our demo reel is still online at:

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