Steampunk armada made from recycled plastic bottles


That robot with your kid kind of looks like Robert The Robot from “Fireball XL-5”! It has that same kind of transparent vibe. It’s good to see that your kid has an interest in making friends!

Never apologize for making art with your kids.

If I may suggest the work of two artists who have been working in this area for a while:
Tim Hawkinson

That is his piece “Mobius Ship”

And Chris Burden

That is “Large Glass Ship”

Hawkinson is one of the happiest mutants in the world and his work should get a feature here. Burden is a legend with a big output, but ships and ships made of junk appear frequently in his work.


That video is one great document. It is totally weird. The pieces are sweet, though, didn’t mean to step on his work with my post, just enthusiasm.

Amazing job. Alfredo Alberto Santa Cruz from Puerto Iguazu, Argentina has built houses from plastic bottles and other disposable plastics.

No mention of the kids with the incredibly gross display on the digestive system, complete with demonstration shit, and amplified farting noises?

That was both a highlight and lowlight for me…

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