How to turn old plastic bottles into 56 different items

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I see to recall making a thing out of a plastic bottle at a party in highschool.

I don’t know what the other 55 things could be, or why anyone would care.

ETA: This juvenile stoner joke is meant as a standalone and not to attack the actual video.


Creative and whimsical.

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With a plastic bottle and three screws, you can make a stabby-stab.


[quote=“boingboing, post:1, topic:93585”]
With a few basic tools and household items, Roman UrsuHack transforms used plastic bottles into all sorts of handy objects[/quote] that are butt ugly and not likely to last very long.


(Not that their commercial equivalents are necessarily any better.)


Or if you live where there is a good recycling program just put them in the appropriate bin so they can be remade in to nice warm jackets, or lounge pants, or what not.


A lot of those are great, but the funny thing is the assumption that we all have piles of these kinds of bottles to get rid of. They are mostly soda and juice bottles, which my family almost never buys.


56 different ways to cut, puncture, or melt an old plastic bottle

56 different chances to terribly harm yourself

Overall I was genuinely fascinated by the variety of cutting implements. It seems there is no good way to cut a plastic bottle. (and doing so probably does a number on whatever sharp edge you use)

The pouf at 17:40 was pretty sweet if you don’t mind upholstering.

Recycled solar six different ways.

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