Recycle your used glass bottles into cost-effective candles with this kit


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Also a little string and a flammable solvent works well to cut.


Or you could just get some wax and string and cardboard and make candles however you like without spending $60 on a glass cutter.


The perfect gift for college students and their ilk.


Everything old is new again. This was a thing back in the early 1970s. Is it time to start wearing headbands again, the right way?


Or if you have access to a pottery kiln you can slump your glass bottles and make a nice serving tray. I pull blue bottles out of recycling bins for my pottery instructor.


I’m not sure we share the same definition of cost-effective.


Have you ever tried collecting a pound of soy balls? Jesus H Christ they’re hard to hold down for long enough.



I’ve actually been mulling over buying a glass cutter and some other hardware bits to reuse glass bottles and turn them into cups. I may look into this, but depending on how it’s set up i may just buy a glass cutter and the other pieces as i had planned.


Exactly. I remember playing with one of these as a little kid in the 70’s.


Remember beer can hats? I remember beer can hats. My mother, a recovering alcoholic, crafted a beer can hat for me when I was …oh maybe 12?

The long, lame walk of the dark 70s.


I remember those kits from the 70s. And you ended up with a lot of shattered bottles, cut fingers and glass shards everywhere!


Just … no.


I get about a 95% success rate (clean cut, no jagged bits, no cracks) in cutting bottles using a different type of cutter than this. Takes a little bit of practice scoring the line well, but they’re not as bad as all that.

And if anyone needs a cheap vacuum chamber, fizzy wine bottles with the top and bottom cut off make really good walls for it.


If you’re gonna cut glass, do it with style:


Ok so i looked around and i remember this product now. It had a successful kickstarter and as far as i know the kinkajou is pretty good. Also this candle making kit (and the discount through the BB store) is actually priced well. Bought directly from the maker of the product the kit is $75, the product by itself without the candle making stuff is $50.
Also BB store has a 10% discount on orders over 50 dollars for first time purchases so i decided to get it. Spent $57 on it, will report later how i like it.


the lollipop is made of recycled bottles? yuck!

(that was before I read your text. follow-up remark: I don’t think glass headbands are comfy)