Recycle your used glass bottles into cost-effective candles with this kit


These upcycle notions just don’t add up in my mind. Just how many candles and wallets etc. do I need, compared to the number of bottles and bicycle inner tubes and other solid waste consumables I generate?

And it’s not like those homemade repurposed products are nice. They are generally tacky, and often useless clutter. There is no substitute for full recycling to raw material.


Blablabla, did you know you can do this with beer bottles? As soon as you’ve done that once and saw first hand how easy this is, all that bullshit about temperature, having the right wine with bubbles, and psi becomes just that, bullshit.

Take a beer bottle, find the seam, shake the bottle (for luck mostly), take a big chefs knife and using the blunt side slide along the seam to the glass head at the top. It may take a few times at first but it’s easy and so, SO much cheaper then with champagne.


i love drinking my beer with tiny particles of glass. Very sharp taste… mmmmm


And that’s the other reason you shake te bottle :smirk: and to be on the safe side also pour out the first bit.

I’m not saying you should do this, also not saying you should do it every time. But just wanted to illustrate there is nothing magical about sabring a bottle.

Doing this once or twice is very unlikely to do you any harm imo, I mean, the alcohol will do you harm, and you may cut yourself on the sharp edge of the bottle, especially when your drunk and you forget it is sharp, that’s the real danger :grin:


Tried this, kept missing.

I guess stubbies aren’t ideal for this. :slight_smile:


Beer bottles have the best recycling rate of any product out there… Anyone too lazy to take them back for the deposit after a party is way too lazy to put the time in to make their own candles.

Once upon a time this site used to have actual interesting stuff on it…


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