Recycled surgical towels are awesome


A lot of recycled surgical stuff is great. My wife worked in the OR at a hospital at one point, and could take a lot of stuff that had been opened but not used. It couldn’t be used again for another procedure, but it would essentially be new equipment. I found the sheets that were used to cover patients would make great groundsheets for DIY work, while the plastic stackable bowls that would be used for holding tools would work for whatever you wanted to store at home.

hahaha. my dad’s been taking these home from work (he’s a nurse) since I was a small kid. eveyone’s always been laughing at him for being “so cheap”. but i always liked he was resourceful and recognized the quality of this stuff.

At some point, I need to talk to one of the folks dealing in such… I will eventually need a good narrow borescope, and a “retired” laproscope might be more cost-effective than buying new.

As my eyes age, I’m also starting to really envy the dental surgeon’s binocular magnifiers.

And the hospitals probably charge the patients $100 per towel, given the way they set prices there.

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And chest drain trochars are good supports for climbing potted plants; power irrigation pumps are a handy source of partly-used but still useful AA batteries; and central line kits come with very neat “single use” locking clips, scissors and blades … It saves them from the landfill. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been listening to some old radio places (most recently, The Shadow) and this reads disconcertingly like the radio ads they had back in the 30s and 40s.

‘Cheap’ is how brainwashed consumers see people who’ve learnt to evaluate stuff for themselves.

At least, up to a point.

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My dad was a recovery room nurse when I was a kid and we always had a ton of them. The white ones work really well too, they’re used in surgery. I’ve never found a kitchen that comes close.

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