These kitchen towels are cheap and good

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I bought the same brand but a slightly larger sized set (and different color) for a few dollars more earlier this year and they’ve really reduced my use of paper towels. I toss them in the wash with a little fake oxiclean when they get dirty and grab a fresh one.

It was also helpful to pack 2 to use on a 3 day hiking trip. Being able to wipe out pots and pans with one and wash up with the other make the trip feel that much more civilized.


my question is: how big is your rag bin? rags last FOREVER, and i just can’t add any more to mine. i need to find a use for raggy pieces of fabric that are still not ready for the landfill, but may be past their usefulness as rags.

sew them together to use as quilts for homeless animals?

cut up cotton rags that aren’t hazardous and add to compost


you can do that? that never occurred to me before. thanks!


This means we can chuck Granny into the heap… fully clothed! Nice!




$12.40 for a 15 pack, not too shabby. I ordered a set.

BTW: the link goes to the $12.40 price…

hmm, this is also a good use that might come in handy if things keep rolling along like they have been…


Roger That!

And hang onto those empty Bourbon bottles too.


What’s that?

If a person owned a Hollander beater they could reduce the old towels to tiny fibers of cellulose and make paper out of them, too - like I used to do in my college days. :slight_smile:

She’ll compost down much better if you let her dry out thoroughly and put her through the shredder first. Or so I’ve heard…

It’s all about maximising the surface area for the little microbes and varied creepy crawlies in the compost heap.

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THAT… is why I frequent BBS; practical household tips aplenty.



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By “oxiclean” I mean sodium percarbonate. I buy the store brand instead of the OxyClean™ one. You could also use washing soda (sodium carbonate) with almost as good effect. Boosters like that keeps you from using too much laundry detergent that leaves a residue, which might not be nice on a towel you dry your dishes with. Although I view such residues as merely annoying and harmless in the small quantities you’re likely to ingest. Chlorine bleach obviously can help whiten stains and provide some sanitizing abilities, but it can be harsh on natural fibers like cotton towels.

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Cool, thanks!

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”I Can’t Believe It’s Not OxiClean!”

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