Great deal on 24-pack of large cotton dish towels

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Ordered, because A) My current set of dish towels are a horrifying mis-match, many with permanent stains or burn marks, B) These look like the dish towels used at my grandparent’s restaurant, which ended up in the homes of my mom and aunt when I was a kid.


I hope your order turns out better than mine. Mark recommended a very similar set of towels that I purchased in 2017. A 15 pack for about $17. I typically give Enkwife (amongst many other gifts!) a few new kitchen towels every year at the holidays, usually some interesting designs. But I thought, hey let’s swap all the tattered ones out and these sound great. In a word, they were not. Super thin, not particularly absorbent and stain easily. I’ve worked in restaurants before (ok decades ago!) but I know a good sturdy towel when I use one. Granted, these do not appear to be the same exact towels (damn close by the looks of em) and they were super cheap, so…


Buy linen ones - they last much longer. Granted they are also more expensive, but they shed less lint and hold more moisture before getting smeary. I think there are environmental advantages too (beyond the standard one of consuming less).


“Great deal on…” content filler always makes me wonder if everyone at BB is in a small town and they forget that people are reading their website all over the world. Or that they don’t realize that prices on Amazon change quite a bit based on what part of the US you live in.

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Pretty sure Mark is a bot that picks this stuff by some semi random algorithm.


every time Mark posts this? I buy them. I recycle into shop clothes, the old ones, and I am happy

thank you Mark

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