Great set of dish towels on sale


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At $15 for 13 towels, they are not expensive to replace, but I haven’t even started to think about getting a new set.

I’ll keep them in mind, but I do hope you don’t normally go through dish towels seven months…


I wonder if Mark just feels like he needs some money, looks around his house, and links with a referral code to whatever his eyes land on first.


Without an included 2600 milliamp hr USB charging brick these are useless. no sale.

Actually they do look nice but I just got Mrs E a set at xmas (romantic aint i!)


Following to closely to a truck Mark?


I can’t express the pride and satisfaction I felt when I bought my first dish towels (looked like something a practical, hard-working kitchen staff would have) and the salesperson commented on their obvious sturdiness and no-nonsense construction.



I can’t express it either. When I thought that there was definitely sarcasm, but thinking it over I don’t know why because I actually can’t express it.


Get off that Moebius strip… now!..before it’s too late.


This is the song that never was used as an advertising jingle for selling dish towels,
and it goes on for hours and hours.


Never used. Goes on for hours and hours. Something lonely and just short of surrealistic going on there.


Is this where I go and tell people to support their local stores, especially for small things like dish towels?


Well, until The Smarter Image comes out with a ‘Best Dish Towel’… yes.


I bought the cheap ones at Target. They’ve worked fine for seven years, but they’re getting a little frayed.



For even though my old dish towel has served me well, I must replace it with a newer, less shiny and keratinous towel.


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