Areaware Bottle Opener


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If it’s AESTHETICS you’re after, I prefer this:


Personally, i prefer to use a bic lighter. Works every time.

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Why not use a lighter, fork, spoon, or any other multitaskers around? Opening a bottle is just a matter of leverage.

Give me a long enough screwdriver and a place to stand and I’ll move your cap.


$14? To open bottles? Good lord.
Get yourself to any big-box that sells paint and grab yourself one (or two) of these. They’re usually free, and fit easily in your pocket, unlike a block of wood with a nail protruding from it.


$14 for “a piece of wood, a bent nail and two magnets”. Oy.


Now THAT looks cool!

This is exactly what I thought when I received this bottle opener as a gift. However it has outlasted 2 other bottle openers in my drawer, and has definitely won me over. The way the little magnet keeps caps from ending up on the floor, and the nail combined with its wooden handle’s shape gives a satisfying action. It does kind of look cheap at first, but its definitely not. I’m glad I got it as a gift because I probably would’ve passed it by in the store.

I’ve seen the bic lighter method fail spectacularly twice.

You could always use the one in the bottom of your thong.

Do NOT, as the article suggest, use your teeth.

Oh, wait, different meaning of “thong”. We call those flip-flops hereabouts.



Yeah, and there’s so much engineering in it, it’s like you could never make your own, eh?

“I wonder just who is he
when it comes
poetry he’s got plenty”

so then. what’s the latest?

oh krikey, I completely forgot that I’ve been wearing a pair of these for 4 years or so. I never actually used them for opening bottles though, it always seemed like licking the trail…they’re just damned comfortable.

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Not to change the subject, but what say we bring back steel cans so we can use church keys again. how bout it?
(Steel cans don’t pollute, they just rust away)

This article is false. There is nothing mundane about opening and enjoying a beer.

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Honestly – hit eBay and search for “antique bottle opener” and you’ll find tons of cool stuff for under $5. Even cooler stuff if you’re willing to shell out more. (And honestly, one of these is a workhorse for me:

Yep, that’s the failure mode right there. Seen it twice in person. It’s so quick that everybody else goes “what the? Did any of you see that? what?”