One-handed bottle opener preserves caps for your collection


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That is some beautiful attention to detail.

I have this one. Same deal.

Not so same. For opening the bottles, it will do the job. But it is likely to bend the cap, and apparently lacks the capholding magnet.

…also, why not screw-tops? They are more practical, can be opened without tools, and can be reclosed…

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I can’t help wondering how many names they rejected before coming up with Gropener.


screw it, why not malt liquor?


Bah, if you stick to screw-tops you’ll never build a respectable collection of goofy novelty bottle openers to decorate the fridge with.


Apparently screw cap bottles are thinner around the neck (in part due to the threading), making them less durable and less able to hold higher carbonation levels. And supposedly the screw caps let more oxygen into the bottle making the product there in less shelf stable. Of course this info comes from home brew sources, so I can’t be sure how realistic they are for commercial production. Or even how much abject nerdery has influenced it.

But that said at least in terms of beer there’s not a ton of quality product out there with a screw cap. So if your going to restrict yourself to only buying screw caps your artificially limiting your selection quite a bit.


No, it has a magnet on the inside and doesn’t bend the caps.


ETA: oh, and I don’t collect bottle caps but I think this is neat

Yeah, I Know!

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