Watch: iron bottle opener being forged by hand


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I dunno, looks genuine to me.

How do you tell a forged bottle-opener from a real one, anyway?


Not as many components inside, and the creepage distances aren’t sufficient.
(At least if it’s a forged MagSafe bottle opener.)


I feel like he could cast the bottle openers and save some time. But then again he probably wants to be able to say they’re all hand-made. I’m not sure i’m picky over how i open my bottles, at least not $28 dollar’s worth.


With no DRM, it will open any brand.


Ankh if U love Guinness!


They might help redeem Texas eventually with this sort of local micro-manufacturing.

Sharing local, open sourced tech, our communities could add a lot more fun and interesting TTD, esp. for kids.

And some community oriented engineers, am I right @shaddack? :smiley_cat:


Beautifully made!

It reminds of this one:


Awesome. I love simple, hand-made metal stuff like this. I may have to get one.

I like to think he makes a fresh one for each bottle he opens.


I think he uses better steel than that.


He could not make a living doing that, at $28/beer consumed. He’d start hitting his thumb with the hammer after four beers.


Nah, those are the ones he sells. That’s how he pays for his beer. Although I agree that forging and drinking probably don’t go together (for long).


Oh, how the mighty have fallen…


That seems like an awful lot of work and equipment and specialized dies for only $28 a piece. Especially when the whole process takes at least twice as long as this clip — a lot of reheating and repetitive steps have been edited out. Not to mention keeping the furnace running.


Every EDC I own has a bottle opener on it.
Nice to see a bottle opener that does not come with a knife blade.

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