Stephen Harper extended music copyright to please US record industry lobbyist


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Tories acting like foreign lobbyists are Canadian citizens is nothing new, but I am dismayed to learn they are mixing unrelated items into different bills. I don’t see at all how this had anything to do with the budget.

I’d really hoped this “omnibus” nonsense had died with the Ontario provincial Harris government. Always naïve about something.


fuck fuckity fuck. If this extends beyond sound recordings to performance rights and written music this will wipe out a wide swath of useful stuff at Everything from 1923 to 1945 essentially. Very disappointing, I always held out (admittedly delusional) hope that the rest of the world would eventually look to Canada’s example and revert back to 50 from 70, not the other way round.


Seriously? Half a century is not enough time? IP rentiers, I say.



Stephen Harper is an American lap dog! Who knew??



I always want to respond to posts like this by calling politicians whores, but that denegrates whores, who, after all, are simply business people trying to feed themselves. No, politicians don’t deserve to be called whores, for that is above them; we need to invent a whole new category to describe politicians who are responsive to bribes, for they are the most reprehensible pieces of shit on this earth…
They are selling out you and me, who placed our trust in them to represent our interests. The lied to us. That is unforgivable. Let me repeat that: that is unforgivable. The are traitors. They are immoral unethical substandard worthless pieces of shit who have the ability to talk a fine line of lies and smile at you as they do so. Do not treat them with any kind of civility, for they care not if you live or die.


Looked up that icon thingy, The broken record assembled. I am always confusing EMC (which I know very little about) with ECM, one of the most awesome jazz labels evah! It didn’t help at all that the pic was actually of a record. At any rate, do check out ECM. I found out in the 70’s that all I needed to know about a jazz album was that they had put it out and that I would therefore love it.


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