Stephen Hawking's final words to the internet: robots aren't the problem, capitalism is


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Smart guy.


We ought to be able to do better, no doubt. Requiescat in pace, Mr. Hawking.


Would that enough people would finally listen when even a genius states the obvious.


It’s kinda hard to argue with the obvious logic of his statement. But I imagine some wing-nut is already muttering “yes, well, the alternative is gulags, censorship and re-education centers, so no thanks you lousy commie.”


It’s sad that there’s conservatives trying to use the life of Hawking as an example of “by your bootstraps” living when in point of fact in various biographies he’s pointed out how dependent he was on others to survive and get around. From doctors and nurses to his wife, family, and friends; he depended on others to fill in the gap his body couldn’t. So to see conservatives exploiting his death as a way to force their slipshod ideology down the throats of the unwitting is just disgusting.


The Conservative publication Investor’s Business Daily was so ignorant that they actually published an editorial in 2009 arguing “if Stephen Hawking grew up in a country that had socialized medicine instead of the good ol’ USA then he probably wouldn’t be alive today.”

Needless to say Hawking wasn’t swayed by their impeccable logic.


Infowars actually reported his death without a conspiracy theory. More later, I’m sure.




I welcome our future Capitalist Robot overlords.


What is the vision, what are the methods, how do we protect it and how do we make it grow?



Seriously, if socialism fails everywhere it’s tried before robots, why would it work after robots?


Because socialism hasn’t failed everywhere it has been tried? Because there is more to socialism than Marxism-Leninism? Because most of the right wingers who bizarrely want to be good little Stalinists and crush all the alternative forms of socialism are old and dying off?


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Rhetorical Socialism


Because theoretically all those little details like everyone being willing to work to their ability, and take according to their need would actually work out if they weren’t the ones actually doing the work.

But yeah, I’m not too hopeful either. If people can be as petty and tribal as they usually seem to, then they’d bitch and moan and be selfish even if they’re not the labor force.


Maybe robots save us from all the people.


Human nature never changes. People will screw other people over, people will be lazy, people will be mean. Individual humans will transcend this every now and then, but by and large the same nature that governed Og the Caveman and his ilk will govern our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

TL;DR–> People are shit, and probably won’t change, robots or not.


Considering the private prison system, the influence of corporate sponsors on media programmes and the likes of Betsy DeVos, arguably the USA are more than halfway there already - courtesy of capitalism.


-> says capitalism is harmful
-> must be a socialist

Gotta love the simplicity of some people’s logic. Or not.