Stephen Hawking has died. The famed physicist was 76


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Have fun in the other realms! You did damn good this run, my chap. :slight_smile:






Such a great, loud mind he had.


Current status: Kicking Einstein & Newton’s butts at poker.


Brilliant mind; may he rest in peace.


How sad. But perhaps now, if there’s an afterlife, he’s no longer imprisoned by his body.





I became a physicist in no small part because a seminal sixth-grade science teacher handed me a then still brand-new A Brief History of Time.

I’m going to miss you. :disappointed_relieved:

I’ll keep doing my small part to help our species understand the universe. May the information never be destroyed.

Worth noting, doctors gave Stephen Hawking two and a half years to live when he received his diagnosis. That was more than half a century ago.



I think I’d have liked him; that’s my kind of ornery.


My paperback copy of A Brief History of Time was bound with the cover upside-down and backwards, which amused me to no end. I caught a couple of people noticing that while I read it on the subway, and judging by their expressions it was a fair assumption that they weren’t considering the possibility that what they thought they saw wasn’t what was really there. It seemed appropriate, somehow.



He declined an offer of knighthood to protest the government’s failures on science education. In addition to being a truly brilliant mind, he was a role model to scientists, and indeed all academics and humans, in his engagement with social causes.

We really were fortunate to have him.


I predict that he will be famous for being the only person to play himself in the Star Trek universe.

What?? Did I miss something?


Yup, smart guy indeed.
Also: “It would not be much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people you love.”

sigh I’ll raise a glass or two tonight in his honour.


Learned from one of the better orbituaries that he wanted this to be his epitaph:

Also, one appropriate way to listen to his obits might be this:

Fare the well.

Oh, and one more thing: he currently stars as a bird. I mean, a book. Well, a pan-dimensional… It’s complicated. But he IS on BBC radio 4.

Oh, and you’ve got to read Penrose’s piece.

When Hawking was in his second year of research […] I […] had established a certain mathematical theorem of relevance.

Science, bitches.
Never stop bitching.

Hawking probably would have loved this.


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Current status: Kicking Einstein & Newton’s butts at poker.

When relaxing from his duties as a member of the Vice Presidential Action Rangers.