Steve McQueen's long missing 'Bullitt' Mustang found


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"I was going to turn it into another ‘Eleanor’ car, but my partner Googled the VIN,”

Thank goodness they checked the VIN. I cringe at the thought of beautiful '68 fastbacks being turned into cheesy Eleanor replicas. Apparently the other Bullitt car is in Kentucky somewhere.


It’s not even the right year to be an Eleanor replica. :angry:

(I’m intentionally ignoring the abomination that was the 2000 remake. Eleanor was and always will be a '71 Fastback).



The other mystery is why it isn’t in my garage…




The rear of the car isn’t a match to that in the film …


It’s missing its bumper and they have to ditch the round backup lights but otherwise, all '68 Fastback have the same rear.

Edit: I believe the taillights bezels need to be painted Highland green as well.
Edit 2: What a gorgeous car!



I miss the baby blue 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra fastback I had in high school. Absolutely HORRIBLE on gas and no A/C but damn did that car haul ass. Whenever I decide to get my midlife crisis properly going, that’s the car I’m starting with.

Of course…I also had a 1950 Chevy Powerglide Deluxe (as I’ve said here and other places, it was all glide and no power). Depending on the availability of the Olds, I might have to go with the Chevy.


If you haven’t seen the movie - or haven’t seen it for a long time - there is a very nice print from the bluray release, and the whole movie (not just the chase scenes) is well worth watching. It is full of wonderfully detailed location shots done at the actual locations (hospital, airport, etc). 1968 was an unbelievable year for movies, and while some of these (and other) 60s movies don’t stand up all that well, Bullitt is one of a handful (2001 is the other obvious example) that still feel fresh today.

BTW, I learned to drive in a fastback Plymouth Barracuda of around the same vintage. I always assumed that the reason that they used a Charger for the other car in the chase scene is that the 'Cuda and Mustang look too much alike from the rear.




Cool, though the cars in the video weren’t fastbacks. Here’s a clone of my mother’s car (color, stripe, and all):

It was the only muscle car in an otherwise staid/boring neighborhood.


totally dullsville, daddy-o.
wake me when you’ve found the gurney that jerry lewis rides in “the disorderly orderly”.


Wait, there’s more to the movie than the chase scene? Mind blown.


I’d settle for Steve Coogan’s from Saxondale.


Not sure how that green beetle got ahead of them again. Just not that driver’s day I suppose.


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