Steve Mnuchin says people can live on $1,200 for 10 weeks

The entire package only provided $1200 for most individuals. Bailouts for giant corporations doesn’t help John Q. Public buy groceries or pay the rent while he’s out of work.


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I used to think society could not collapse the quickly. Now I’m on the fence.


The “other measures” are mostly BS.
The small business bailout is worthless to the 22 million people out of work, the program is of today out of money and most gig workers were not eligible. Also the official estimates for what people get on unemployment are wildly inflated for some states like the one I’m in. AND many states like FL have intentionally made it almost impossible to quickly enroll on top of the lines. So no, really all most struggling people are getting are these checks - which will be either garnished by the banks and debt collectors or be sent directly to landlords.


I could be mistaken but I believe that most people who qualify for state unemployment as a result of COVID-19 will also be receiving an additional $600 a week from the feds, on top of whatever they’re getting from the state unemployment system. No doubt that many people who don’t qualify for state unemployment for whatever reason will fall through the cracks, though,

Edit to add: not that I want to give that guy any credit at all, but he did explicitly talk about “enhanced unemployment insurance” (which is the federal money on top of the state UI payouts) before mentioning the $1200 checks in the interview.


There was a former Morgan Stanley guy on CBS this morning that was talking about a program that paid people’s paychecks to stay on the payroll for corporations.

I have no idea what program that is - or who it’s benefiting - but it’s not for hospitals (where I work) who are trying to deal with this live - let alone people who are filing for unemployment.

But ho-boy was he sure that was the most important program for congress to re-fund (it was almost broke) - not ‘people’ - good lord they really just don’t see us as anything more than toilet paper to be used.


But he’s also talking about enhanced unemployment, which could (theoretically, we will see how it plays out) make up several thousand additional dollars over that ten week period.

I don’t know if it’s actually taken effect yet, but anecdotally in KY a friend told me that she will be seeing a $300 bump in her next UE check. Seems like she should have gotten the full $600 increase but maybe there is a stepdown?

So I watched it again and he says, “the entire package should last about 10 weeks,” and he’s clearly referencing all 3 portions of the program, including the $1,200.
Is there something I’m missing or are you referencing something other then the clip in the article?

I trust Biden’s brand of corporate sell-out over the current brand.

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I don’t think it even has to do with how expensive being poor is. Poor or not, there’s no way that would even cover rent on a single room in a shared house for 10 weeks anywhere in any significant metro area on the west coast.

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