Chase's idiotic poverty-shaming "inspirational" tweet, and Twitter users' magnificent responses thereto

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Maybe we should motivate Chase to be more empathetic by giving them more tax breaks.


It could have been worse. There are no suggestions to cut down on the avocado toast.


Elizabeth Warren’s reply was a bit of a barnstormer.


Right, it struck me those are quite sensible ideas on how to reduce spending and reduce your externalities at the same time. Net win! (Though of course, i understand the actual point being made)

Who is Chase’s social media representative? Marie Antoinette?


I love it when people who make 100x my civil-service wage through selling vapor-money back-and-forth to each other take a break to tell me that I’m simply not thrifty, as opposed to there being a serious fucking inequity between actual labor that makes society go and ‘labor’ that makes society’s 1% richer. It’s like those inspirational plaques saying you have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce – yeah, but I have to do my laundry while she has people take care of hers, she has a money manager while I have to spend an hour on the phone to try and erase an overdraft charge, etc, etc.

Is the true hope of American Capitalism that the planet dies before we wise up? That it’s hard to run a guillotine while you’re gasping for air? That you can’t ask for Bread AND Roses if neither will grow?


Well that is good advice for saving money. It is surprising how much money you can save if you aren’t shopping for little Boba Fett Doodads after work. Or buying your lunch everyday. But it is a little tone deaf considering stuff like high interest and fees from Chase can quickly wipe out those savings.



I think what’s got everyone riled up though, is that it’s not really the problem for many people. Many people are deep in student debt, so the tweet comes off as dismissive of problems that people had no hand in making. It’s condescending bullshit from a corporation that regularly profits off debt…


Will any of those happen before the end of the quarter? Will the next three months show more of their customers going bankrupt than the number of new customers? No?

Since you haven’t demonstrated any materially relevant threats to the bottom line, why should they care?



“Why are you wasting money on food when you could be paying it to us to cover the insane interest on your overpriced education?”


That, and it showcases how out-of-touch plutocratic banksters really are with working class including shrinking middle-class America. Stereotypes aside, plenty of working class Americans (even so-called mellenials) embrace the values of frugality.


I wonder how long until those tweet-backs get used in facebook ads for chase.


If you showed this tweet to 100 people, 97 of them would agree that it shows that something is very fucked up. But you probably couldn’t find any group of three or more people who were on the same page about exactly why it’s fucked up, and that’s very convenient for the three people who are doing really well out of the way things are.

(That’s very unlikely to be a coincidence)

Just on my own, I could spend all day coming up with different lines of attack against this argument (including attacks in orthodox capitalist terms). But that’s the problem. Nothing will change until everyone on the shitty end of the present deal – which is to say, nearly everyone – picks just one voice.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you @doctorow for posting in text and not just a shitload of obnoxious twitter links.


Chase Social Media Manager: why am I being fired?

Chase Management: you reminded people of how we screwed up during the 2007 housing crisis.

Chase Management: you reminded people of the massive bailout we got in 2008 after we screwed up.

Chase Management: you reminded people about all our predatory fees.

Chase Management: you insulted our younger customers, resulting in who knows how many closed accounts.

Chase Management: you responded to the backlash with a snarky and faux-self-deprecating non-apology.

Chase Social Media Manager: guess we’ll never know

Chase Management: seriously?


Marie: If their account balance is low, they should stop eating so much cake, yes?


When did Chase get 12 billion? I recall they took 25 in TARP loans, which Dimon said he neither needed or wanted, but Bernanke insisted he take to make the others look good. Whether you believe that or not, where does the 12 come from?

This is the salient point you’re walking away with?