Stevie Nicks belts out "Wild Heart" during an Annie Leibovitz photo session (1981)

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Never saw her so young. Even in her youth there she comes across as beaten down by life in an incredibly soulful even appealing way. Hope it wasn’t just the 80s drugs.

She can bite me.

70s drugs… there’s a reason those albums are called the cocaine trilogy. :slight_smile:

Also: as if cocaine hadn’t been on the scene for much much longer. :slight_smile:

I’m glad YouTube clips do not wear out from repeated viewing. <3

FIrst of all she is NOT singing to an early demo of Wild heart. She is singing the Wild Heart early lyrics over an early instrumental version of Fleetwood Mac’s “Can’t go Back”. The first song she is singing is FM’s “love in Store”. Both songs are from the FM album Mirage which they were working on at the time.

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