Stickbug eggs are a visual delight

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“A few of those look like they belong in a drum circle at Coachella or Joshua Tree”



For those that want to hear David Attenborough explain this, I give you

Source: Youtube clip of The Life of Insects, BBC, 2009, posted by BBC Earth on 2010 05 28

Well worth the watch. I remember when they were sold at pet stores. My eldest ran across one while we out on a walk one evening. We had an insect observation jar in the car and scooped it up and then released it, only to find out that it may be an agricultural pest.


Tiny Face Hugger eggs

I don’t think the example cited of the phasmid eggs resembling seeds is an example if convergent evolution. It looks like mimicry instead since the intent is to fool ants into believing the eggs are seeds.

Convergent evolution would be the similarity in body shapes between tuna and dolphins, or nature’s tendency to make crabs.

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