Stoner shocked when he disables his ad blocker

Does everyone get that one?
I thought they were watching me slowly expand throughout COVID and targeted me thusly :joy:


Came here to say this. My youtube ads are mainly for travel websites and political stuff and food delivery services. I don’t recall seeing any of the scammy ones people describe.

But I’m also not the kind of sucker who clicks on scammy clickbait links, or who agrees to buy a social media company for an enormous market premium with no due diligence out…


It’s all the cyrpto sites.


Well, if you spend your days watching Joe Rogan reruns…


Here’s what keeps me sane while watching youtube on Firefox:

Adblock for Youtube by Adblock Systems

AdBlocker for YouTube by AdblockLite

AdBlocker for YouTube by James Fray

AdGuard AdBlocker by Adguard Software Ltd

Clean YouTube™ - No ADS by Divya

DF YouTube (Distraction Free) by RickyV

Disable Youtube comments by Fernando Bartholomeu

Focused Youtube by dukevin

Remove YouTube Suggestions by Lawrence

SponsorBlock for YouTube - Skip Sponsorships by Ajay Ramachandran

Unhook - Remove YouTube Recommended Videos by Unhook

Youtube Recommendations Blocker by peabrainiac

Youtube Sidebar Remover by Firefox user 14074444

Also useful:
YouTube™ No Buffer (Stop Auto-playing) by James Fray

It’s a horrifying number of extensions.


I just stick with unlock origin on my computer unfortunately I often watch YouTube through my PlayStation with no adblocker.


He didn’t get to be so rich by writing checks.


I wonder if he’s (also?) talking about scam ads masquerading as (for instance) helpful health advise videos. Those can be worse than the ads I used to see before I installed an ad blocker.


Those were the worse. Those never showed a flat belly doing a trick.


Some of the ads appearing on the main BB page are extremely concerning as well.
I had one for Christian/fascist muscle shirts yesterday.


Buy Dogecoin.


I am now using Ghosterly Other blocks stopped working on Youtube and the BB home page - which will completely gobble up your memory if you let it. Like 2 GB+ sometimes!

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I would very much like to know why exactly Firefox decides that it needs to consume 2 GB of RAM at times. I’ve never been able to pin it down to one particular site or another.

uBlock Origin still seems to work consistently everywhere I need it.


You and me both, man. Facebook is another ball hog.

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Wait, Youtube has ads? Not sure if I have ever seen one of those.

Javascript engine issues, that’s as far as I’ve been able to dig.

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Watching youtube on the roku TV is the same - no adblockers. UGH!

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Lately I’ve seen a lot of ads for Ron Johnson, Matt Walsh’s transphobic documentary and every now and then Tony Evers. I have ad personalization off, so I don’t know how that influences what ads I see.

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I saw lotsa ads for one of the several rethugs running for Mich gov, until busted for fake petition signatures to get them on the ballot.
This particular one refuses to talk to local media despite pitching a fit re: his situation, and filing lawsuits. You’d think he’d want to talk about it!
I don’t mind his media silence: he has an exact copy of richard nixon’s nose, fake orangey hair, and uses man-tan so I don’t really want to hear anything out of him.

I see lotsa ads for the pre-/neo-natal unit of a localish hospital. :person_shrugging:

I’m also shown lotsa those “Are you getting all your medicare benefits?!” ads. I guess they think I’m old but still fertile. tophat-shrug

An ad for a ladies’ facial shaver kept coming up many times/day, until I pointed and laughed at it w/my BF. “Yeah, now they want to get women to shave their faces, because OMG women have hair there?! Better remove it, fast!!! before anyone notices!” He cracked up, and the ad disappeared.

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I keep getting lots of “Vote Tory” adverts on Youtube whenever there is an Election in the UK. I have ad personalisation off too, as my interests would mark me out as someone who would never vote Conservative. I have not seen a single one from the Labour Party after Sir Keith became leader.