Stop-motion music video makes terrible 80's media formats wonderful again


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Could be the official music video of Ready Player One.

Man, as much as I don’t miss the 80s and their terrible media formats, this was a hell of a fun video. Nice groove, too.


Shades of PES, in a wonderful way.


I dunno. The work it took to make a recording back then made the recording itself special. After all that effort, we’d listen to the darn things!


My thoughts exactly! =) It felt like a bit from the credits of Ready Player One.
I read that in a day (traveling, nothing else to do). It hung around the house until my 13 yr old boy picked it up. He read it for a couple days then read the last half all in a night while camping. We have the next book lined up too (tho I’d like to see him step out of the 80s nostalgia mode?)


I actually saw tape ribbon litter along the side of the road earlier this year. Been a long time since I’ve seen something like that. In the 90’s and earlier it was not uncommon at all do see a dark brown tangled blob in the gutter along streets, slowly being stretched into a glistening snake as wind from passing cars drug it along. It only stopped happening completely when CD’s fully replaced cassettes and to have witnessed it in 2015 was a bit of a surprise.


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