Stop spreading unconfirmed COVID-19 symptoms around

So look, it’s an upper respiratory infection.

We know it’s more than that, though. How much more is what’s yet to be seen. Vomiting and diarrhea aren’t associated with viruses that are just respiratory infections, for example (and they’re common symptoms of COVID). There’s substantial evidence that, like the influenza virus, it infects other organs as well, even if it usually only manifests as viral pneumonia. (And this leaves aside that, as primarily a respiratory virus, it impacts the heart, liver and other organs by degrading lung function and reducing blood oxygen.)

Yes, it does infect the lower respiratory system, e.g. the lungs, which is what causes all the problems. (There’s a certain irony in mis-describing the nature of the virus as part of an admonition to not mis-describe the nature of the virus…)


One thing is that a panic attack can cause shortness of breath, which mimics one of the real symptoms of COVID-19. Talk about a vicious circle.


Working from home, I have been monitoring some of our ambulance communications during the day and panic about covid symptoms is very common. The paramedics always use PPE in these cases and sometimes I am sure the patient tests positive, but there is a lot more suspected covid in my state than actual covid.


Some of that may be lack of ability to do testing. I have quite a few that I am (clinically) sure have it, but with milder symptoms getting a test is out of the question.


I took the respiratory symptoms first put out there as meaning having a hard time breathing at all like pneumonia, not just a shortness of breath like with a panic attack.

Loss of hearing, loss of smell, brain impairments, and staring off into space looks and sounds like panic attack symptoms which I’ve actually seen one of my friends experience. Hard to avoid one I guess if you really do think you have COVID-19 and are susceptible to panic attacks.

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@ bcsizemo
I asked who was taking book on US Covid-19 figures hitting 500K and you said April 13 - with only 4 days to go I think you are on the money.

Hope your second prediction is off.

Oh… I might as well throw it out here. Take a look at Zinc Lozenges.

Looking for pie reviewed evidence myself!?

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I’m reviewing pie evidence right now!

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