Stop the Music

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A good illustration of the risks of always-connected devices and storing one’s content in the Cloud.


lol, I thought the formatting was part of the story, from the thought transcription…


That’s a great, if depressing little story.


"The impending Zombie Apocalypse won a great victory when the duration of Copyright was extended far beyond a human lifespan.

This established the supremacy of undead rights over the living.

In the future, when law enforcement holds you down while Zombie Elvis (or his legal representatives) devour the last trace of ‘Love Me Tender’ from your quivering brain, remember: They are just protecting their Sacred Intellectual Property."

Excerpt from a YouTube briefing I created in 2011 to acquaint new USU students with USU Network Security Monitoring. See:

Sorry about the audio. I had a crappy microphone back then.


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