Storyboards, concept art, and more from Netflix's excellent new horror film In the Tall Grass

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I’m looking forward to this. Tall grass may not seem that scary, but I had a two minor fears about it as a kid.

  1. In some REALLY tall fields before they were mowed for hay, it could be hard to keep up with your dad tromping through it.

  2. So you know those books you get as a kid that are illustrated guides or fun fact books? I had one of those on insects. Inside was an illustration of 2 or 3 different kinds of lice in brown hair. BUT to ME, it looked like cow pie sized bugs in tall brown grass. The fact I never saw one I figured was because they didn’t live around here, not that they didn’t exist.

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Not so scary when you own a mower.

I can tell you’ve never mowed grass tall enough to choke a mower.

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Well, of course you want to use the right tool for the job

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