Storytellers are more attractive, are happier and more satisfied with life


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Why, thank you! :smiley:How very true…

Oh. Uh. Never mind. :disappointed:


Buck up. Waylon Jennings did alright :wink:


Well that explains nearly every sexual relationship I’ve ever had as well as why the words “You’ve told me this before” come about six months before “I’ve made a decision.” and someone making a trip to Mattress World in the near future.


Spotted via the sneering Gilfoyles of Hacker News, who seem fabulously angry about this for some reason.

Well of course they’re angry, and I suppose you would be too. You see, there once was a fellow named Zachary…


Well, that was a concise yet compelling narrative without rambling. Though I was a bit confused about the visit to Matress World, I’ll admit.


“Mistress World”. Damn autocorrect.


That reminds me of my grandfather and how often he’d start with “That reminds me of a story…”


I wonder where RPG gamemasters fall in their definitions…


Sure, but how were women valued as good story tellers?


There is also a “how to” guide for nascent storytellers:

I went to Sea in the ole’ century, and sailed to 4 Continents, I got stories I haven’t even told yet. The moral of the story is to go out and experience as much of the Universe you can possibly take. That’ll make for some great stories, indeed.


Spotted via the sneering Gilfoyles of Hacker News, who seem fabulously angry about this for some reason.

Those comments read like a lot of rightwing/libertarian dudebros who think universities are tax-sucking dens of liberal indoctrination.

It seems they just weren’t, at least not by men.

The men didn’t care whether the women were good storytellers, the research showed.

Didn’t you know, wimmens is for lookin at, if they’re hot enough, not for listening to!


Apparently - LGB people don’t exist either…


Right, I was wondering about that too…


Correlation and causation? I submit that those who have happy, satisfying lives, ones that already conform to tidy narratives, might have a greater facility for spinning narratives of their own. Those whose lives do not have a convenient three-act structure with buildups to a thrilling climaxes and satisfying confusions and important moral lessons learned by all might not much be in the mood for stories.


I am SHOCKED. Absolutely shocked, to hear that someone who writes stories (in the papers) has written an article on how sexy story-writers are.

I’m pretty sure the rich old white dudes who own all of the newspapers are probably happier and more satisfied with their lives as they swim around in rooms full of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck compared to the employee.


My take: someone had to go out and buy his own bed because he was kicked out of the one he’d been sleeping in.

We’ll see if I’m correct when @logruszed comes back to clarify.



"I wrote a song about it; like to hear it? Here it go..."


So let’s fix that headline, shall we?

MALE Storytellers are more attractive TO WOMEN…

Big difference, as the article says the reverse isn’t true. As a woman storyteller, I read the headline and thought AWESOME. After reading it, I heard the disappointing I-picked-door-number-two-oh-god-it’s-a-donkey-Let’s-Make-A-Deal buzzer. We are half the population. We count, as does the LGBTQ community.

Even when the men don’t care [not you, Rob, but rather the original WSJ writer].