Storytellers are more attractive, are happier and more satisfied with life


"I wrote a song about it; like to hear it? Here it go..."


So let’s fix that headline, shall we?

MALE Storytellers are more attractive TO WOMEN…

Big difference, as the article says the reverse isn’t true. As a woman storyteller, I read the headline and thought AWESOME. After reading it, I heard the disappointing I-picked-door-number-two-oh-god-it’s-a-donkey-Let’s-Make-A-Deal buzzer. We are half the population. We count, as does the LGBTQ community.

Even when the men don’t care [not you, Rob, but rather the original WSJ writer].


That is an excellent point.

@beschizza - seems only MALE story tellers are more attractive to women. I wonder… are male story tellers more attractive to gay men? What about female story tellers to lesbians? What about trans persons? I HAVE MANY QUESTIONS!

Also… I have serious questions about this evo-psych slant take on the results of the research…

“Storytelling is linked to the ability to be a good provider,” because a man is explaining what he can offer, says Melanie Green, an associate professor in the department of communication at the University at Buffalo and a researcher on the study. The men didn’t care whether the women were good storytellers, the research showed.


Uncredited illustration ripped off from Wendy and Richard Pini’s “ElfQuest”.

I hear Star Wars fans are, like, the coolest. Especially people who like Boba Fett.


I think the assumption is that people here would know it…?


I’m miserable and alone. It reminds me what my life was like back in the old town back in 84. Or was it 86? It was the year of the big flood, but we had big floods every year back then except for the years that were dry. The water would come in right through the sorghum, and let me tell you sorghum isn’t something you want caught between your clothes and your skin. You’ll get as red as my old parakeet Tweets, who was more of a pink than a red, but not a nice color in any case.

Boy, I sure miss Tweets.


That’s absurd. ElfQuest is popular, but not that popular.

Responsible writers don’t make assumptions; they give credit, always. Half-assed amateurs just copy and paste.

It’s called “remix culture”.


Copying and pasting isn’t “remixing”, it’s just copying, and pasting. It’s lazy and uncreative, and contributes nothing new to culture.

(And defending it on an article talking about the appeal of people who do create new things is sadly ironic.)

We’ve been talking about that a bit. It may be that the research is just shoddy and subtly cued to sexist conclusions, but I can’t help but think that there’s something more fundamentally sexist about society’s expectations of “people who talk.” As in, women are not supposed to do that, and are resented when they do.


We published Elfquest at Boing Boing as a webcomic for some time and this item was posted with the creators’ permission (and cross-posted to their official Facebook group, for that matter.)

It’s here for the few who will get it, and for the many who might. Your outrage is (as you have been informed) so misplaced you really shouldn’t be talking about asses and assumptions.


No, that’s a picture of the @beschizza family at Christmas.


Get the man some aloe, Rob; cuz you just delivered one serious:


you know tho, any excuse to pimp my forest peeps


YOU ARE NOT WRONG! :slight_smile:


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Freakonomics just had a podcast all about gendered listening! Apt and timely!

Not that I don’t agree with you that it should be attributed, cause I agree with that - but that they have posted quite a few stories about Elfquest in the past, so I guess the assumption was that long standing happy mutants would know it already.

And as @beschizza noted - they used to post the webcomic and they posted this with permission…

I think this copyright infringement case is now solved, Sherlock!