Strange planthopper with tuft of white hair


Looks like it belongs on a pussy willow branch…


Fly fishermen in Suriname never need to worry about tying their own or matching the hatch. Nature provides!

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These are similar to the passion vine hopper - they produce honeydew that can cause tutin contamination in honey. Beekeepers in New Zealand need to be very aware of this and fortunately the commercial ones are, but sometimes the smaller/independent honey producers are less aware and someone will suffer the effects of the poison to varying degrees, but it can be quite nasty. The industry is now more strictly regulated but it’s always going to be difficult to ensure the smaller operators are adequately informed.

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At 5mm in length, it won’t catch you any fish of great size. :wink:

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Maybe they could market it as “Tutin-contaminated honey: it’ll put hair on your ass”.

Yes. “… before you kiss it goodbye!” :wink:

Looks like a Troll doll. Except the hair is growing out of its ass. Which still doesn’t make it uglier than a Troll doll.



This is my shock of hair gone…


Bug-like and edible…

Protein on the fly…


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