Stranger Things creators released this open letter to fans about the show's future

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Wow, that’s some Stranger Things.


Barb? Were are you?


After watching shows that kept going as long as they could get renewed, had a plan but got cut short, or had a plan and funding but the showrunners lost interest, I’m glad to see something that was plotted for 5 seasons get exactly 5 seasons.


so, did he scare up some vintage typing paper from the 80s, type it up on an IBM Selectric, then rapidly fold it up and carry it in his back pocket for a month before sharing it? 'cuz it sure looks like it.


Props to the props department!


The type doesn’t bend, that’s text dropped onto a scan.

Looks cool though.


no actors in sight –– looks more like set dressing dept.


It seems clear they did not anticipate Barb to be a fan favorite. But I wonder if they will deviate enough from their plan for some light fanservice?

As good as the show has been, I don’t think anyone is going to complain. “Thank god we invented the something something”


I really hope not. One need only glance briefly in the direction of the Star Wars extended universe to see how fanservice brings everything down.


it seems pretty clear to me - given 11’s side trip in season 2, and a whole new set of characters who were then quickly shelved - that the specifics of their story have always been more than a little loose.

the unexpected covid delays and time jumps to account for aging actors have also doubtless forced changes on their original ideas

it’s cool they feel they’re able to complete a story, and it will be nice to have a solid ending - but the idea this is exactly their original idea… it seems like just something nice to say as a bit of marketing fluff. which is fine, it just probably shouldn’t be taken any more seriously than that fake typewritten paper


I’m surprised by the misuse of the semicolon in the first sentence of the last paragraph. It should be a colon, and they should know better


There are still many more exciting stories to tell within the world of Stranger Things

…Earth? I mean, you’re not wrong.


but not the end of the opportunity to make more money, I mean more stories in the Stranger Things universe.

That seems kind of catty. Rather than extending the current story and characters indefinitely, they’re bringing this to a close in ~45 episodes. Not a lot for a TV show. I think if they were just in the make as much money as they can business, they’d milk it with as much of the original cast for as long as they could.


I enjoy the grammar pedantry around here, but that looks like a semicolon where a semicolon should be. Certainly not a colon.

I’m still pissed with Netflix for cutting The OA short.
I thought it got a little too up itself towards the end of the first season, but season two was blindingly good with an awesome cliffhanger setting up season 3. And to know that Brit and Zal had the whole thing planned out was just soul crushing.


Agreed, The OA was hands down one of the best shows they’ve ever had. That scene with the mind reading Octopus creature at the secret nightclub in San Francisco? Let’s just say it was spookily more accurate than most people realize…I’ve said too much. :grimacing:

Five does seem to be the tricky number, and hard to stick a landing on. Babylon 5 was the first, and the threat of cancellation made for a lopsided balance between seasons 4 and 5. The Expanse went for 6, and they managed to stick their landing, but the sixth season did seem rather short.


I’m afraid you’re mistaken.

The main use of the semicolon is for separating two clauses; the text following the semicolon in their letter is instead a list of the exciting things they want to explore. Since it is not a clause (does not have a subject and verb), the use of the semicolon is incorrect. A colon is exactly what they want, since colons are used (among other things) to introduce lists.

Personally I don’t consider this pedantry since it’s an issue of basic punctuation that any educated English speaker should know.


Hmm, reading fail. On my part. On re-reading, you’re absolutely correct. I somehow read the first entry in the list as the clause. Apologies!

But it is pedantry. Most people read it, note the mistake, and carry on. A fine grammar pedant will point it out. And there’s nothing wrong with that - it helps us all improve our grammar, which can only be a good thing.