Stranger Things theme now with theremin


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I have no idea what I just watched. I was suddenly taken back to my childhood watching Star Trek and Lost in Space. I am disturbed by this experience. Thanks BoingBoing.


Everything’s better with a theremin.


a MOOG theremin?
will wonders never cease
nicely done ma’am


Can someone provide the direct link? I cannot see the video at all. (For some reason, I can’t see any of the videos any more, just the gifs.)


You can also go to youtube and search for Clara Venice.


Thank you! (Turns out, the issue was caused by being in a state of Alaska.)


Does Alaska block video from the rest of 'murica?


Something in the soil, yeah.


Data, primarily. But yeah.

And the air. And the wires involved. The very copper, too.


Is that alright that a +30 years old wears/looks/lives like a 12 yo?
I’m aging or being mature/ grown up is politically incorrect nowadays?
Please, explain me cause I loose the internet today

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