Strategic butt-coverings in video-games

I am! I don’t play 3rd person games, if I can help it. There isn’t enough first-person platforming out there, IMO.

I never played any of those.

It is! Although I had to use some hacked graphics driver to enable it. It’s probably borked and in need of updating by now, since I last used it a year ago.

Totally off topic: If you think tights are great, try a skirt this summer. You guys have no idea what you’re missing.

On topic: It’s a bit disheartening coming to read the comments on a new Sarkeesian video only to find the same tired MRA/gamergater talking points as every previous video in her series has garnered. Never any criticisms of the message, only criticisms of the messenger. So much fail mixed with all those male tears.


Sadly middle age metabolism means my Utilikilts don’t really fit anymore but after wearing them regularly for a few years, umm anatomically speaking I am not sure why guys would want to wear pants most of the time.


Continuing way off topic: Other than in winter, I have no idea. Personally, I kinda hate tights, so I do wear pants when the average high temperature drops below about 70 F, but when it’s over 82 F, puttin’ on a pair of pants is the last thing I want to do.

As for your utilikilts, if you can find some matching fabric, a seamstress may be able to help them fit again. Alternately, sounds like an excuse to get a couple new ones. :wink:

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Well Seattle doesn’t get as cold as where you live but I found that if I could keep my feet warm and my body core warm outside of a well placed breeze I didn’t notice.

Well having to go into an actual office and weather permitting a motorbike for the commute means pants. But it was pretty much everyday wear when I worked from home all the time.

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I just might be on a Patsy binge




I can’t imagine a skirt being all that comfortable. It isn’t a piece of clothing that has a purpose other than to drape over and hide certain parts. I know this from wearing one for a week in high school – no air conditioning in a sweltering school, against the rules to wear shorts but not against the handbook for wearing a skirt. I got ripped out of class pretty quickly for doing so, only to have my family lawyer come down and fix it. Less than a week later, half the homophobic hillbillies at my school were wearing man-skirts to protest the shorts issue and the next week were were allowed to wear them. So yeah…I have worn them for a SHORT time. Didn’t do anything for me.

As for the rest, I was trying to avoid a lot of this in my original statement because my comment was really on the idea that a lot of the form fitting stuff she complains about should be unisex and desexualized (I’ve seen enough naked people that a body alone does little for me)…so my comment wasn’t attacking Ms. Sarkeesian. I kinda agree with her in a lot of ways, though I think quite a few of the MRA’rs have a point about how superficial she is in her own criticisms. She comes across as someone that doesn’t want a discussion but a condemnation. I see this all the time from activists…men / women, left / right. Hell…I got into a conversation with a friend about Bernie Sanders the other day (she brought it up) and I was condemned for not agreeing with every talking point and I like the dude. This is how I’ve felt with every video and talk she’s done that I’ve seen. She seemingly wants everyone to conform to her talking points or they are the enemy. This is just what I got from it and I believe she is absolutely right about a LOT of what she talks about. My criticism is of how the message is presented. Either way, I’d have her perspective over any of the MRA’rs ANY day of the week.


That’s not the only way, just the way that’s most visible in the static screenshot I presented – have you played the latest two Tomb Raiders? They are literally textbook examples of “how to get better (on gender)” as @Daedalus mentioned.

Hmm, no, I think I’ve complained about the cherry picking of examples before. I don’t think a large selection of heavily gendered media, whether it be books, movies, magazines, or whatever, is all that bad. Provided everyone has choices.

First half of my comment was for you, the second half was a general observation of this and every Sarkeesian thread. I wasn’t going after you, rather the drive-by commenters who have pretty much all been flagged back into oblivion already.


Because it’s a video on youtube, I think it’s fair that you are tuning in for a lecture rather than a discussion. Of course she can’t host an actual discussion because it would be overrun by people who want her to die, so she’s in a bit of a bind on that. She does definitely want you to come out the other side of the video agreeing with her, but I’m not really sure how else that would ever be.


I’m one of those who have trouble estimating the distance in 1st person, so platforms get painful with that camera.

Vociferously, IIRC. She uses examples a wider audience (ie - people who don’t play videogames as a regular pastime) might recognize to get her points across. I don’t see a problem with this approach. Afterall, just because you don’t like a particular example doesn’t mean the trope isn’t going to be repeated in AAA titles to be release later this year.


Its not that. I have seen discussions she was on, and I got the same feeling from those. I don’t know…I’m not that big of an ‘activist’…my background is in psychology so when I come to trying to convert others, I am a little more empathetic about the other side and trying to see why they feel one way or the other and trying not to demonize them. Again, I’m sympathetic to what she is trying to do. I RARELY play games any more because I can’t stand most of them…the latest TR was the first I played from the beginning to the end in years and if this was even slightly a result of Ms. Sarkeesian pushing for more realistic (right? In an action game) female, then I’m glad she’s done it.

FemFreq seems to me like it highlights important aspects of (video game) culture. It’s taken me multiple threads (and years now of her videos) to really nail down a single statement I want to throw out there:

Most complaints about Anita make no more sense to me than berating the Mr. Skin website. “Why try to get off on Hollywood when you can go watch Bang Bus?” Because nude celebs make people horny, just like negative portrayals of women in video games reflect and perpetuate a socially destructive environment.

Everything you just said makes for a terrible critique of media.

The costuming is better.

YMMV, but I think the torture porn level of brutality toward Lara in the last one was so effing skeevy I couldn’t play it.

And the game still absolutely focuses on dat ass.

So you know, the usual one step forward, two steps back song & dance. Which is part of why Anita’s a goddamn national treasure.


You also make your opinion known on every one of the Sarkeesian threads, and it’s always the same old things. You guys sound like broken records.


[quote=“Daedalus, post:349, topic:72494”]
YMMV, but I think the torture porn level of brutality toward Lara in the last one was so effing skeevy I couldn’t play it. [/quote]That’s just saying you don’t like brutality in games, because it isn’t exploitative.

[quote=“Daedalus, post:349, topic:72494”]And the game still absolutely focuses on dat ass.
[/quote]No it doesn’t. It’s identical in camera angles to Uncharted, a game specifically given to explain the difference between the trope and games that do not have a problem.

[quote=“IronEdithKidd, post:350, topic:72494, full:true”]
You also make your opinion known on every one of the Sarkeesian threads, and it’s always the same old things. You guys sound like broken records.
[/quote]How dare we. I also made my opinion known about the trope and the others earlier in the thread, because MGSV is awful.