Street Angel: That Explains Everything!



Apologies, but seeing this does not sell the comic to me. I think the artist has a nice style but is hardly challenging themselves in terms of composition or technique. They have a good basic knowledge of drawing but nothing spectacularly different to other work I have seen, the inking is a little slapdash. The story seems to be fairly average and the script seems clichéd but since it is only an excerpt I can’t judge the entire work… obviously. I don’t really understand why Bing Bong is making such a big deal out of this particular comic.

I was disappointed that the conquistadores won. So it goes.

You can tap ash on the carpet, spill your drink on the host and insult the blog, but please, don’t apologise.


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They’ve been posting the entire run of the comic piece by piece. You’re not meant to judge it from just this bit. Here’s everything posted so far.

How the fuck come I’m not on your Master List of People Who Have Disliked a BingBong Post? I complain about BingBong all the time. Please correct this error on your part.

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