Gweek podcast 143: The World's Greatest Neurozine!


Seriously. I’m curious: what’s the difference between this zine cover and this?

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Agreed: Hot cartoon woman/girl with weapon/power…is OK sometimes

But at other times it’s a shameful tool of Patriarchal Oppression.

I’m aware you folks don’t live together and compare notes…but:

Which is it?

Seriously? Context, color, and about 25 years.

Here’s one difference! When a woman in the comic business criticized the image on the left (for being a a realistically-rendered minor-age character drawn with boob implants), she got buried in rape threats and attacked by many in her profession. Does that count?

As for the details of the images, if you need the points of comparison between them enumerated and explained in the first place, I don’t think you’d accept that they were different from one another to begin with. Even leaving aside the issues of objectification, sexism, breast anatomy, selling sexualized minors to minors, or what it’s a good idea to have your children aspire to (hello, context!) – or the diversity of opinion between editors at Boing Boing – some men will simply never see why the image on the left is even different from the image on the right.

But I would like anyone chancing across this to get to see them side-by-side.

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On a lighter note, I just saw my print copy of this floating around my house a few days ago.

Yes, I do still have a stack of BB, FWR, CPAOD, and M2K…

Bruce “Next on Hoarders” Young

I enjoyed this, Dean and Mark. Thanks! Looking forward to the new book, Mark.

The message on the bomb Kata Sutra’s holding says everything about why the original bOING bOING 'zine was fun, and never tedious, cantankerous, or argumentative. How I wish this hero would come out of retirement (along with codeHound) and save the internet from SERIOUS CULTURE.


Great show with our without a guest! Now I just need to get a second job to afford all the cool stuff!

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